Saturday, December 5, 2009

the upsides

This is my monster, everyone says he looks like a carrot. I guess he has that appearance, but I decided he should be purple and blue, to distract from the vegetable relation. He's horribly sad and lonely, I'm going to continue a study on him, and perhaps give him an environment and family to interact with. We'll see. I'm not sure if I'm going to make prints of him to sell, but if enough people like him and maybe want it, I might. It'll be very inexpensive, maybe $10 a print? On 8x10 or smaller cardstock? Not bad at all.

One a lighter note, the new Wonder Years song proves that their new full-length will be quite promising. I'm very excited for that, I may actually pre-order it, which is a first. I haven't bought music in a very VERY long time. That's all for now, I'm going to go watch Boogie Nights.

So chip up, and we'll drown a little slower.

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