Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it seems that not many people even look at this blog, so, i moved to flickr.
i'll still update this with ramblings, occasional pieces of art, etc, but for now, i'm focusing on something different.

go take a gander! thanks!

Monday, January 11, 2010


so i havent posted anything in quite some time, sorry about that. i doubt many people even check this anyway.
i should have some art posted fairly soon,  i just need to get my lazy ass to scan it. i've got some good sketches from when i went to omaha, nebraska with my girlfriend. anyway, until then, i figured i would at least post something

aside from art, i'm starting to play guitar a lot more, which makes me happy.
for now, this is what is really inspiring me:

"broken teeth" - this is hell
"and it rained all night" - thom yorke
"hollow place" - polar bear club
"six days at the bottom of the ocean" - explosions in the sky
"balkan low rider anthem" - alaska in winter
"i never knew you" - cage
"the summer session" - four year strong
"foreword" - moving mountains

not the most incredibly cohesive mix of music, but thats what seems to be played most frequently as of late.

well i don't have much left to say, so until i post more artwork

Saturday, December 5, 2009

the upsides

This is my monster, everyone says he looks like a carrot. I guess he has that appearance, but I decided he should be purple and blue, to distract from the vegetable relation. He's horribly sad and lonely, I'm going to continue a study on him, and perhaps give him an environment and family to interact with. We'll see. I'm not sure if I'm going to make prints of him to sell, but if enough people like him and maybe want it, I might. It'll be very inexpensive, maybe $10 a print? On 8x10 or smaller cardstock? Not bad at all.

One a lighter note, the new Wonder Years song proves that their new full-length will be quite promising. I'm very excited for that, I may actually pre-order it, which is a first. I haven't bought music in a very VERY long time. That's all for now, I'm going to go watch Boogie Nights.

So chip up, and we'll drown a little slower.

Friday, December 4, 2009

the start of something

This is interesting, out of nowhere, my art suddenly became noticeable. I'm not sure if it is simply because I stopped caring what other's thought of it, or because I started following exactly what it was I wanted to create. Either way, it has been a very interesting few days, and I seem to be selling one particular piece, my watercolor project entitled "Invisible City." Based off of the Italo Calvino novel of a similar title, I entered this piece into a show at my school, and it has been selling quite rapidly. The original is currently not for sale, but prints will be a limited series of 25, which I am currently selling for $40 a piece, on 11x17 cardstock paper. I've already sold 5 prints, so if you'd like one, contact me anytime.

More to come, hopefully this continues.