Monday, January 11, 2010


so i havent posted anything in quite some time, sorry about that. i doubt many people even check this anyway.
i should have some art posted fairly soon,  i just need to get my lazy ass to scan it. i've got some good sketches from when i went to omaha, nebraska with my girlfriend. anyway, until then, i figured i would at least post something

aside from art, i'm starting to play guitar a lot more, which makes me happy.
for now, this is what is really inspiring me:

"broken teeth" - this is hell
"and it rained all night" - thom yorke
"hollow place" - polar bear club
"six days at the bottom of the ocean" - explosions in the sky
"balkan low rider anthem" - alaska in winter
"i never knew you" - cage
"the summer session" - four year strong
"foreword" - moving mountains

not the most incredibly cohesive mix of music, but thats what seems to be played most frequently as of late.

well i don't have much left to say, so until i post more artwork