Friday, December 4, 2009

the start of something

This is interesting, out of nowhere, my art suddenly became noticeable. I'm not sure if it is simply because I stopped caring what other's thought of it, or because I started following exactly what it was I wanted to create. Either way, it has been a very interesting few days, and I seem to be selling one particular piece, my watercolor project entitled "Invisible City." Based off of the Italo Calvino novel of a similar title, I entered this piece into a show at my school, and it has been selling quite rapidly. The original is currently not for sale, but prints will be a limited series of 25, which I am currently selling for $40 a piece, on 11x17 cardstock paper. I've already sold 5 prints, so if you'd like one, contact me anytime.

More to come, hopefully this continues.

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